With so many people today turning to regular bicycling as a means of getting around the city, interest in taking the hobby even further is growing, as well. Commuting by bicycle in Singapore can be a great way of getting some exercise while cutting down on expenses, and many do find this option rewarding. For those for whom bicycling becomes a favorite part of the usual routine, it often makes sense to explore means of integrating this form of transportation even more fully into daily life. Oftentimes all that it takes to do that is a visit to a Singapore road bike shop, where some interesting new possibilities will typically open up.


The bikes that most inĀ road bikes for sale in Singapore use for commuting are a far cry from those that participants in the Tour de France and other great races rely on. Commuter-oriented bikes tend to be relatively sturdy and stout, being meant to stand up to potholes and other abuse over the long term. They also generally encourage an upright riding posture that gives riders a good view of everything around them, in exchange for creating a less than aerodynamic profile.

The models on display at a well-stocked ride bike shop in Singapore, on the other hand, will be quite a bit different. Often weighing in at many kilograms less than commuter bikes typically do, these bicycles are designed for speed and covering many miles in a day. Instead of forcing their riders to sit straight up, they will be equipped with curving, low-slung handlebars that allow pilots to stretch out nearly flat, cutting through the wind in the process.

With tires whose contact patches might be only a few millimeters wide, the bicycles offered at a road bike shop will also tend to produce much less in the way of rolling resistance. Taken together, all these different features mean those who buy a road bike from Bike Avenue in Singapore or a similar store will ride away on something much faster and more agile than the usual commuter solution.

For most who do so, the goal is to add to a collection something from a road bike shop in Singapore that can enable faster, more thrilling rides on the weekends and at the end of the day. Many of the country’s most devoted bicycle enthusiasts, on theother hand, actually do commute aboard transportation of this kind. That can allow for taking a longer, more scenic route in the morning that leads to greater fitness and even more regular enjoyment of the sport.